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Meditation & Music for Healing

Please visit for more information about Joy's upcoming performances, music downloads and album purchases.

Joy & The Souls of Evolution

"Thankful" live at Unity Church 11/5/17. Visit for more music!

2016 Global Community Heartshare Concert Series For Healing The Earth Elements

I am asking my colleagues on nearly every continent to join us for this effort.


We are a powerful Global Network of Lightworkers, and I believe we have the collective power to align and focus to heal Mother Earth!

One Meditation, One Poem, One Song at a time....all over the world...

Heartfelt words from recent attendees of the Global Community Heartshare events.

Please join us on Sunday December 18th for the Winter Solstice celebration!


"Joy, I want to thank you again for your graciousness and generosity towards me last Friday night in your sacred event for the sake of the Earth's waters. From the moment the night began, I felt enveloped in the prayerful and deep poise your production held. It brought us all together in a seriously deep embrace of beauty, compassion, and the powerful urgency of the issues surrounding the lack of and pollution of water. Your voice is so powerful and expressive in such a range of emotion and rich tonal diversity....a true instrument of Spirit. The speakers were full of important information and wisdom about this vital theme; the entire program, a work of art. Thank you for including me in the fold of your talent and ability to create an event of such cohesiveness, heart and compassion. The Souls of Evolution are such a wonderfully talented and fitting band for you and I so appreciated the opportunity to work with all of you and feel so welcomed."
-Singer/Songwriter/Yoga Teacher, Judy Joy Wyle


"That first song you sang with your group, "The Old Ways" was so so so so crazy and amazing awesome!!!!! The instruments and your voice were PURE perfection! Thank you for all your vision, hard work, and dedication. The amount of energy you put into the creation of this is enormous!!! I truly look forward to these healing events with my family and community. The depth that I feel and receive from these is really indescribable. Thank you. Namaste. Love you". -Amanda

Listen below to the encore of

"Your Love is Everything" by Joy and the Souls

at the FIRE event!

What a wonderful Solstice Celebration we had at Yoga Bliss on the Blvd.

Barry Mangione interviews Joy about the new album Community Heartshare, and the genesis of her career as touring rock singer, to award- winning singer/songwriter, to creating inclusive music for healing community events- with her super group of local legends, The Souls of Evolution. Barry is intrigued by Joy’s vision to create music for healing, and asks her for some suggestions toward that end- to record his own album, and how intention creates. Joy reported that Barry was really engaged and helped her share some stories she had not formerly discussed in interview about her growth as an artist, the length of her career, and the many incarnations she went through to birth the current creation: The Souls of Evolution, Blue/Rock/Soul/World, Music for a New Era of Consciousness. (

Joy with Krishna Das, the wonderful kirtan and world music leader and WRPI "In the Spirit" host, Gary Goldberg, at Kripalu, Mass. 3/09

Joy was the featured monthly artist  on 
Women of Substance Radio & Podcast
promoting her latest album Community Heartshare
and the single
"You're Not Alone"


by Joy Adler


"When my father was in a coma, and near death, tired from fighting his battle with bone cancer; I felt quite powerless and didn't know what to do. So I began singing to him. Suddenly, tears were streaming down his face. I was amazed. How could that happen? Somehow the music touched him...even as far away as he seemed to be. As he left this life, he gave me a great gift, a deep desire to understand the healing power of music and it's impact on the soul. For me, it's all about "music for healing", music is sound, frequency, energy and color. It is the integration of my soul's work.

When I am on stage, I use all the healing skills I've learned to open myself as a channel for the divine, to risk opening my heart fully. Similar to working in a private session with a client. The only difference is, there is a room full of many people, and I set my intention for the energy that passes through me and my voice to touch them in the way that they need, are open to, have longed for, and ultimately, for their greatest healing potential." -Joy​

Quotes & Reviews

Dear Joy,"Hi again. Just wanted to tell you about a special thing that happened today again with your angel CD.. Upon greeting my client at the door she presented me with a Christmas gift of a CD entitled Joy. I thought that was a clear message again so I played your CD during the healing. It was AMAZING!!!

"I just want to tell you how wonderful your healing voice is, and how much I enjoyed being an active audience. I received so many gifts of healing that night from your entire talented group."

-Shirin, California

"Joy's voice soars through my soul like soft rose petals of love and healing. It soothes places in my heart that have long awaited for it and helps me connect to my divine essence and to realize my own inner strength. Her deep integrity and caring love are beautifully transmitted through her songs and are a gift to all of us. Joy is a beautiful blessing to this world and an angel that is here to help us get in touch again with what love really is."

- Andrea Titton, Boston

The healing was profoundly deep and full of core star essence at one point. I felt like I was dancing with the energies within the music and your voice. It flowed from an extremely grounded shamanic feeling to angelic radiance covering such a spectrum of frequencies I have never before experienced with channeling a healing before. When the healing was completed my client also said she had the most amazing experience and so I gave her your website connection so she could order your CD if she wanted.

I just wanted to share this with you and to tell you I intend to use your CD in future healings with clients. My client also stated upon seeing your picture on the CD cover that she thought you were very beautiful I told her that you indeed were extremely beautiful and amazing. So the story of the Angel CD continues on… Thank you. "

- Patricia Eschuk, Canada

"You have met Hundreds of People during your Music Career & during this last Tour with Patricia White Buffalo. I wouldn't expect you to remember me, but your Voice is the voice of the Angels. Very Healing for Awakening Spirits of others. I will feel the Faith in my heart & know that others like yourself are continuing this Healing Effort on the Planet through their various ways also. Your voice was very instrumental in Opening My Spirit more profoundly that night. So, yes, in my Eyes you are Healing through your Music. Beautiful "

- Randy, Colorado

Overground Underground


News and reviews of the best mainstream and independent music

Joy Adler’s ‘Postcards’ is Emotionally Uplifting, Radiant...March 30, 2008

Reviewed by Kyrby Raine Joy Adler/Postcards


Give Joy Adler credit for not trying to sound like any of the other female singer/songwriters out there. Her voice, soaring and radiant, flows like a waterfall. Throughout Postcards, I found myself simply mesmerized by her singing; it wasn’t until after I listened to the album more times did I even pay attention to her words. Her vocals alone were the hook. On “Prayer” and “Your Love Is Everything,” Adler seems inspired by a divine force; there is an otherworldly, almost ethereal, quality to her singing on those tracks that is quite magical.

Community Heartshare

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