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Private Healing Sessions

Joy Adler has private practices in both Albany, NY, as well as long-distance. Each session is unique and personalized to each individual that seeks assistance on their journey of healing and discovery."Let's not just "talk about it", let's drop, feel it, and integrate the experience. You then cultivate awareness of where you've held it in the body and clear it for optimal health, and for gleaning the lesson, and thus the gift of that experience in your life. To do this, one must "feel it" to release it.

The longer we stay "in the story", that the mental body seeks to have us do, in an effort to avoid entering the soft body of the wound; the longer we stay in a dis-empowered state, and in our defense.

​What are we really defending ourselves from feeling? I mean the worst thing that could happen to us, the experience we fear, already happened. It's that realization that sets us free...when we drop into the pain, it clears..that's the greatest healing power of all! And it resides in each of us. Therefore all healing is self-healing. We heal to the degree that we allow ourselves to feel the pain from the past...that is imprisoned in our bodies.

The moment we do, we are emancipated from the pain of the past, energies are freed...a profound part of ones healing journey. Hence, as Carl Jung said:
"The only way out is through.".... -Joy

Services Include:

One-on-One Customized Sessions including facilitation and healing. 

We may discuss:

Personal Healing Plan
Soul Blueprint
-What is your destiny? What are your challenges?

Let's clear, heal, the pain of the past-and open to your greatest fulfillment and longing.

Your and t soul gifts to offer the world
Past Life Clearing
Relational Healing
Professional Supervision for Therapists

Intuitive Coaching
including: Marketing, Business Building
Pre and Post Operative Healing Work as an interface with a client's medical support team.

Clearing Emotional Trauma that leads to disease...


"When a person first comes to see me, I work to develop a healing plan or strategy to assist them in the emotional release of these circumstances that get held in ones physiology that eventually cause physical pain, fears, anxiety, energy depletion, depression and stress related illnesses. " -Joy


Albany, NY at The Chakra Garden- 409 New Karner Road, Suite 101


Long-Distance sessions available.

(Call Joy at (518) 641-2020-at your appointment time)
Please use Private Healing Sessions to book an appointment

And for payment options.

"I liken being a healer to clearing the path to fulfillment by continually working to clear all of our blockages, fears, pain, that we may have personal freedom. Then we turn and reach our hands out to others...and help them out of theirs, knowing from our own healing process, how this is done. I enjoy reminding others that the greatest healer they know is within them!  Remember, “we can only take a client to the places that we ourselves have traveled.”              -Joy.

A Poem Inspired by Your Wonderful Presence...



She rests her hand
In the stream
Of people
Flowing by, rushing, eddying
Each one she touches, warmer-
Aware, suddenly, of how quickly
Me or she passes
And slows a bit
To swirl against the smooth
of her palm,
The gentle presence of her touch.
To go somewhere other than forward,
To be reminded of love,
That is the blessing
Of the hand in the stream.

Thank you for your hands Joy
Love, Nora Callihan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Example of Joy's style of Professional Supervision for Therapeutic Professionals

" I referred yet another person to you, who wishes to find someone who can really help her. When I told her that your work may be helpful, she asked why. I always wonder how best to describe what you do. I said that you work directly with the heart of people's issues. That you'll ask just the right questions to cut through the smoke screens and layers of defense to get to the Source of the problem, which is always so much deeper than we think it is and everything on top of it is more a 'symptom'.

I said that your work is extremely direct, deep, compassionate, unconditionally loving, non judgmental and will validate everything she (friend) is already aware of which is ultimately empowering. What's hilarious is after I said this, my friend said...but what does she DO? Ha. I said that in session there will be some talk of what's troubling, history of it, etc., then at the point at which Joy has enough information she'll say something like, "Ok, let's put him/her/them over there and get back to you" and then you will be in the uncomfortable and sometimes horrifying position of talking about yourSELF which is different than talking about how such and such happened and you got upset, etc. And you will argue or get irked, you will get upset, you'll try to avoid, but she'll track you and you can't do that.

And finally when you're FEELING SOMETHING and in a sweet, raw, REAL, undefended place, she will support you, let you know that you're safe, and help you find the healing path out. You've cleared some debris. Then she'll do some healing bodywork, balancing, repairing energy centers...and give you homework and be available to you for any questions or concerns you have in the days following."

- Laura-Michelle Iacovone

"Dear Joy, Each session I have with you is like a beautiful flower, each is so unique, full of life and essence, a precious gift...

You enrich my life in endless ways and nourish my soul as it seeks to grow and blossom. My gratitude, like the infinite cycle of life, has no boundaries. Thank you once again, (and my tooth thanks you too!) "

All my love and light,
-Patricia Eschuk, Manitoba Canada

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